Serving you the most handy & practical kitchen solutions in various styles & sizes, discover Matchbox's wide range of mixing whisks & egg beaters!

As part of our large selection of kitchenware and kitchen utensils, we curate the best options when it comes to your everyday kitchen tools, whether you're baking up a storm with your children & loved ones or just whipping up a yummy pancake or scrambled eggs for breakfast!

Made of durable materials ranging from stainless steel to silicone, our whisks can stand the test of time and are designed to help your hands tackle any mixing task. We have mini whisks that are excellent for mixing in smaller vessels (like mug cakes or whipped cream for your Dalgona coffee.)

We also have the famous rotary egg beaters you'll always thank yourself for, ideal to help you beat eggs or egg whites with no stress or fuss.

There are whisks in a variety of shapes, starting from the universal spring whisk, the standard balloon whisk, to high quality dough whisks perfect for your batter.

Whatever the task, trust Matchbox kitchenware to have you covered!

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Avanti Mini Whisk 18cm - Stainless Steel
$1.50 RRP $1.60
Mini Whisk 18cm
Avanti Universal Spring Whisk
$3.95 RRP $6.95
Universal Spring Whisk
Avanti Whisk Blue
$6.95 RRP $10.95
Whisk Blue
Ecology Provisions Acacia Egg Whisk
$6.48 RRP $12.95
Provisions Acacia Egg Whisk
Avanti Mini Whisk
$4.95 RRP $5.95
Mini Whisk
Oxo Large Balloon Whisk 28cm
$19.95 RRP $26.95
Good Grips Large Balloon Whisk 28cm
Product image of Oxo Whisk - 28Cm Black
$16.95 RRP $24.95
Good Grips Whisk - 28cm Black
Silicone Little Gem Sauce Whisk Charcoal Grey Silicone Little Gem Sauce Whisk Charcoal Grey
$4.95 RRP $9.95
Silicone Little Gem Sauce Whisk Charcoal Grey
Mini Flisk - Black Mini Flisk - Black
Mini Flisk - Black
Good Grips Mini Whisk
$14.95 RRP $19.95
Good Grips Mini Whisk
Mini Flisk - Red Mini Flisk - Red
Mini Flisk - Red