This is the story of Frank Green. 

Let's start off by mentioning that Frank Green isn't a person, it's not even a company, I mean technically it is but it's more a philosophy; a way of life. 

With the idea of helping the environment, Frank Green founder Benjamin Young (who is a passionate environmental advocate himself) was determined to better the planet with a reusable product that was both stylish and convenient for everyday use; changing people's single-use buying habits and reducing their carbon footprints.  

Armed with the knowledge of how destructive single-use plastic or paper coffee cups can be due to his involvement in corporate waste management, Ben vowed to find a more suitable solution. 

And so, through hours of planning, relentless questioning, meticulous designing, fierce engineering, a whole heap of mistakes and too much caffeine, Frank Green was born....


 Frank Green Living Coral Reusable Cup

Proudly founded in 2013 in Melbourne, which is arguably the coffee capital of the world, Frank Green has grown to be one of Australia's most recognisable and loved brands with a various range of reusable products, and now boasting a team of 50, is ready to take the world by storm. 

The winner of various business awards such as the 'Businesses of Tomorrow' in 2018 and the 'Eco Innovation' award in 2018 by the Australian Brand Awards, Frank Green is at the forefront of the partnership between technology and eco-friendliness, and remains forever committed to delivering a product that both the consumer and world will love, no matter how large the business grows. 

Next up on the drawing board for this company is to launch into the US with a significant amount of resources spent developing a new product, a range of 'sippy cups', that were specifically designed to attract the American crowd. 

 Frank Green Reusable Cups  Frank Green Reusable Cups

The Products 

Frank Green launched with the 'Original Reusable Cup', a fully insulated coffee cup made from recyclable co-polymer in a variety of colours. 

This cup features a stain, spill and odour resistant construction, a toggle button to drink from and reseal AND temperature retention technology that ensures your favourite beverage stays hot or cold until you're ready to drink it. 

Since then, the company's expanded to feature the 'Ceramic Reusable Cup' that has all the features of the original (and a little bit extra). 

Built with a ceramic inner layer and a stainless steel outer, this cup is TRIPLE-walled and vacuum insulated, and offers enough durability to last you through many caffeine-induced mornings to come. 

Curved to fit perfectly and comfortably in your hand, these cups are made from premium, safe materials and are completely recyclable when it's time to upgrade!

Perfect for using as a water bottle, a smoothie tumbler, a cup for tea or as an enabler for your caffeine addiction, these products are ideal for when you're out and about and are the ideal companion to star in your next insta post.  

That's not even the best part.

In as little as 15 uses (which is like a week if you're a hardcore coffee drinker), you'll begin to offset the environmental impact it took to create your frank green proving that they're possibly the best reusable on-the-go cups ever made. 

Frank Green Reusable Cup

You don't have to take our word for it though! Head into selected Matchbox stores to see them for yourself or to chat to a staff member if you want more information on the cups themselves or the philosophy Frank Green was built on. 

We bet we've convinced you to try out Frank Green's range of beautiful-looking, environment-helping products. Have we? If the answer is yes shop our range of Frank Green in selected stores or online today! If the answer is no, still shop our range of Frank Green in selected stores or online today and see for yourself. We promise you won't be disappointed. 

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