Well folks, it's that time of year again when the fat man drags himself out of hibernation, pops on the red suit and does the rounds at every shopping centre in the country. Yes, it's Christmas time! 

Now we know this time of year can be stressful for a lot of people. Between end of year parties, thoughts of what to make for Christmas day lunch, trying to figure out if displaying approx. 285 sets of festive lights on your house is too many (it's not by the way) and wondering whether Aunt Marge needs a gift card to Village Cinemas or a bottle of her favourite wine as a present this year, we understand how much pressure you're under. 

We're here to take the guessing game out of at least one of those problems for you by collating a list of the best Christmas present ideas for him & her that definitely won't break the budget (because no one needs to go broke this holiday season). 

From insulated water bottles for the health nut to whisky stones for those who need to take the edge off every once in a while, we have you covered! 


Sachi Insulated Lunch Bags - $29.95 

For the one who prefers to ask 'what's for lunch?' instead of bringing it from home. 

If you have someone in your life that finds it hard to pack lunch in the morning or prefers to eat out every single day then try to steer them in the financially beneficial and environmentally-friendly direction by gifting them a lunch bag from Sachi! 

Fully lined with a thermal insulated interior, these reusable lunch bags are guaranteed to keep your lunch and snacks fresh until you're ready to eat it. Coming in a range of different patterns that feature palm trees and llamas, these bags provide plenty of room for all your favourite foods and practically clean themselves (all you have to do is wipe them clean with a damp cloth). 

Pete Cromer Tote Bags$16.95

For the animal lover, brunch enthusiast, market shopper or reusable warrior. 

Celebrate the beauty of native Australian wildlife with the Maxwell and Williams Pete Cromer Tote Bag in Cockatoo. Made from 100% premium quality, ethically sourced cotton, this bag's lightweight yet robust design is perfect for last-minute grocery shopping, gym sessions or as a casual handbag for those weekend brunch dates.

Avanti Dice Whisky Stones - $19.95 

For the playful ice-cube hater or whisky enthusiast. 

Now you can drink your whisky chilled without the fear of ice cube water diluting the taste with these fresh & funky stones by Avanti. Made from high-quality and durable stainless steel, these stones are completely BPA-free and feature a novel dice design that's guaranteed to have you feeling like a cardshark at some Las Vegas casino. 

Completely reusable, this 4 piece set is perfect as a kris kringle present if you're on a budget. 

AVANTI  Dice Whisky Stones

Glasshouse Candles - $42.95

For the pamperer, proud homemaker or the busy mum who loves to unwind in a bath with a glass of wine. 

Be transported to stunning destinations around the world with the destinations collection from Glasshouse fragrances. Let your mind wander to a place of true beauty and legend, with the Cyprus - Sea Salt and Saffron 350g Triple Scented Candle guaranteeing to have you thinking you're surveying a rocky outcrop overlooking the distant Mediterranean Sea even though you're standing in a messy kitchen.

Or perhaps you want to experience the hustle and bustle of Saigon with its delicious street food, scooter-packed streets and vibrant colours. Smelling like lemongrass, orange, lime and bergamot, this candle is bound to add a touch of warmth to any home and score you a few brownie points to whoever you gift it to. 

Couch Coaster - $29.95

For the one who's lazy or can't be bothered getting up because they're too comfy and thinks 'it would be convenient to put my can of beer on the arm of the couch'. 

Make their life just that little bit easier with the Couch Coaster. Designed to wrap around the arm of the couch to hold your drink for you while you're sitting down, this fun, quirky accessory is a must-have for anyone who believes that grabbing their drink from the coffee table is too much effort.

Built out of silicone and designed with a weighted band for security, this quirky household accessory keeps your drink right where it should be, i.e next to you. 

Bon Appetit Lazy Susan - $39.95

For the cheese lover or party thrower. 

It's easy to share all the cheese on the Symphony Bon Appetit Lazy Susan. Gone are the days where you have to awkwardly ask the person next to you for a piece of cheesy goodness expertly placed on a jatz cracker because you can't reach it. 

Now you can load up the glass plate with your favourite goodies and then pop it on the wooden base, ready to swizzle and serve. The lazy susan has a diameter of 36cm making it easy to fit on most tables and is guaranteed to go with any house's decor. 

SYMPHONY  Bon Appetit Lazy Susan - 36cm

Beer Pong Drinking Game - $6.95

For the child-at-heart, drinking game enthusiast or tacky game lover. 

They sink it, you drink it! The classic drinking game is in a gift set ready to be wrapped and given to one of your co-workers, friendly acquaintances or your cousin's girlfriend of 3 months.

Containing all the tools you need to get this game started including 12 cups (red and blue) and 2 balls, this GIFTWORKS party accessory is bound to have the fun at an all-time high at your next social gathering. 

May the best person win! 

Infusion Smoker - $39.95

For the amateur cook who likes to think they're a professional, the adventurous foodie or the experimenter. 

Now you can smoke foods with a professional smoky flavour in just 2 minutes (technology these days). The options are endless, smoke meats, seafood, cheese, vegetables, sauces, and cocktails all with this handy kitchenware accessory!

The Davis & Waddell Infusion Smoker is easy to use, simply place the item you wish to smoke in common kitchen items like a bowl, container, zip lock bags, and then trap the smoke in the container. Easy peasy. 

DAVIS & WADDELL  Infusion Smoker - Silver

Oasis Wine Tumblers - $19.95

For the wine connoisseur, public drinker, beach go-er or picnic organiser. 

With a premium white marble design, the Oasis S/S Double Wall Wine Tumblers are guaranteed to be your new best friends. Built with vacuum insulated, double-wall technology that allows your drink to remain at the right temperature until you're ready to drink and reduces the probability of condensation, these reusable tumblers feature a BPA free silicone seal so you can avoid any accidental spills all while being lightweight and safe to pack in your bag. 

Down at the beach, by the pool or off on a family vacation, you can now enjoy your favourite drop of wine without the concern of broken glasses or the hassle of plastic cups. Coming in an array of colours and patterns, these little life-savers should already be in your cart. 

OASIS  S/S Double Wall Wine Tumbler Lilac Marble


Frank Green Reusable Bottles - $39.95

For the trend-setter, eco-friendly preacher or Instagram user (a.k.a. everyone). 

Enjoy your favourite beverage later with the Frank Green Original 25oz Bottles. With their fully recyclable co-polymer construction and vacuum insulation, these durable and stylish bottles are guaranteed to keep your drinks colder for longer thanks to their triple-walled insulation. Boasting a spill and stain-resistant design, these bottles are also completely BPA free making them just as healthy for you as they are for the environment.

These bottles are lightweight and are the perfect everyday life companion (trust us). 

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