Back in 2009, Masterchef Australia hit our screens, forcing us to sit in front of the tv and watch 20 cooks battle it out in challenge after challenge for the top title. 

Now more than 10 years later, we're all still pretty much doing the same thing only now we know that when Adriano Zumbo makes an appearance it means a super crazy and intricate dessert challenge and that when Matt Preston initially says a dish is 'disgusting', it's usually followed by the words 'disgustingly good'. 

Not only has this tv show given us household names (and cooking legends) such as Julie Goodwin, Justine Schofield and Poh, it's also given everyday viewers major inspiration to get off the couch and into the kitchen with the idea of making their own delicious masterpieces. 

In order to help you on your way to culinary greatness, we're giving you an inside look into some of the products the Masterchef contestants are using for this season! Yep, that's right, cooking like a Masterchef just got a whole lot easier! 


Global Knives 

Global Santoku Knife

You can't be a cook without a Global Santoku Knife! 

Now you can carve up like a pro in the kitchen with this knife that's perfect for all your preparing needs. Ideal for chopping and dicing meat and vegetables, this knife is your all rounder, allowing you to slice thinly when needed. 

First introduced in 1985 by Yoshikin Manufacturing, the innovative designs of Global knives quickly took the culinary world by storm. Devised as a blend of Italian design, German durability and Japanese precision, Global knives are crafted from single pieces of CroMoVa 18 stainless steel and are tempered twice for a superior blade with a sharp and resilient edge.

Global knives incorporate easy-to-use lightweight construction and perfectly weighted handles featuring their signature dimple-pattern grips for superior balance and control. 

Featuring a comfortable to hold design and a blade that resists rust, corrosion and stains, it's no wonder this knife is the Masterchef contestants' weapon of choice! 


Bakemaster Baking Tray - 35cm x 25cm 

You better believe that to bake like a pro you need Bakemaster! 

Specifically designed to make cooking, grilling and baking a breeze (which is exactly what you want when faced with high pressure baking challenges), Bakemaster's extensive range features everything from quiche pans to baking trays, all with high quality, double non-stick coating that will ensure you get your kitchen creations perfect every time. 

The Bakemaster Baking Tray – 35cm x 25cm is made from heavy gauge carbon steel body with a double layer non-stick coating, making this baking tray ideal for everything from baking a batch of delicious cookies to roasting up your favourite vegetables.



Avanti Stainless Steel Pasta Maker 

Avanti homewares has been a household name for quality kitchenware and gadgets for over 20 years thanks to their stylish and functional, high-quality tools made specifically for your kitchen so that you can become a master of the culinary arts in no time.

We can all agree that there's something truly satisfying about making your own home-made pasta but Avanti recognised that it's not so easy to find the time or the patience. Luckily for you, the stainless steel pasta machine requires little effort, either crank it out quickly by yourself or get the kids in to give you a hand! 

Perfect for when you need to make pasta quickly (the kids are getting hungrier or you've only got an hour left to plate up the perfect dish), this pasta maker is made from durable and high-quality stainless steel and has a cutting width of 18cm. 

Digital Cooking Thermometer 

Take the guess work out of cooking with the Avanti Remote Digital Cooking Thermometer!

Featuring a metal probe on the thermometer that stays in the oven, saving you from letting heap escape, and a large easy to ready display ensures you know exactly when your roast or steak has been cooked to perfection. 

This thermometer is also completely programmable so you can switch between settings based on your needs, making it even easier to produce the best results every time. 


Kilner Genuine Preserve Jar 

Kilner has been manufacturing preserving jars and equipment since the 1840s, and having stood the test of time, has now grown to produce many household kitchenware items.

Starting with the humble preserve jar (which is undoubtedly their most iconic product), Kilner delivers jars that are perfect for the home due to their ability to be reused and stored safely in pantries or fridges. Replacement lids are also easy to come by so its super convenient  for when you're stocking up for your next batch.

If you've ever wanted to make your own jams then this is the product for you! Introducing the Kilner Genuine Preserve Jar Set of 6 - 250ml. Made from high quality glass and featuring a vacuum seal and screw top lid for easy use, you can now preserve to your heart's content.

Perfect for storing homemade chutney's and relishes, these jars can keep your food fresh for up to 2 months in the fridge and allows you to enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables all year round! 

If you want to learn a bit more about preserving food, then read our blog on how to pickle your veggies! 

Mason Cash

Mason Cash Green Colour Mixing Bowl 

Tracing all the way back to the 1800's in the heart of the English ceramic industry, Mason Cash has been the choice for home cooks and professional bakers for centuries.

Known for their classic mixing bowls, this brand is renowned for its innovative and classic take onkitchenware that's both practical yet stylish. 

Featuring classic designs, Mason Cash products are made from glazed earthenware and are guaranteed to stand the test of time, just as their designs have continued to complement modern homes.

The Mason Cash Green Colour Mixing Bowl 29cm is a must-have kitchen essential when it comes to baking. Perfect for mixing all kinds of ingredients together, both wet and dry, this mixing bowl is made out of traditional, heavy earthenware for ultimate longevity and durability.

With an embossed design and vibrant green colour that's bound to complement any kitchen's decor, this bowl features a white interior so you can see the consistency of your mixture at any time.

Perfect for adding a splash of colour to your home (or for the screen), this mixing bowl is super useful for any preparing task and will allow you to mix quickly and efficiently. 


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