Dreamfarm - where great ideas grow. 

That's what this fairly new and very innovative company prides itself on. From solving problems to creating useful products that actually work, Dreamfarm comes up with original ideas to make the simplest of kitchen tasks easier! 

Starting from a backyard shed in Brisbane, Australia, this company has now grown to feature and sell heaps of products, each with a quirkier and more fantastical design then the next.

All it took was three guys with a dream to grow the business into what it is today. 

With a background in business, Alex founded Dreamfarm in 2003 and designed the company's first product, Grindenstein, and has been involved in the creative process ever since. 

Since starting in 2007, Phillip is the head honcho when it comes to product development and is also Dreamfarm's design manager. 

Last but not least there's Tom. Starting as a uni student in 2012, Tom has now moved up the ranks quickly to become an integral part of the team, becoming the brand's engineer. 

But to make a business become successful you need useful products that people are willing to buy. This turned out not to be a problem and their range of silicone utensils was born. 

Introducing the Clongs (click-lock tongs)! This nifty gadget has a little notch that enables it to sit up off your bench and hook onto the side of servingware. Not only does it retract just like a "clicky" pen (which our childhood selves are loving btw) making it easier for one-handed use, it also features a silicone tip to protect non-stick cookware surfaces. 



Next up comes the clever Supoon. This utensil comes in a mini or regular size which comes with a handy teaspoon and tablespoon measure respectively, has a flexible tip that makes scraping the sides of containers and bowls that much easier and also has a notch to sit up off the bench. What more could you want? 




It's time to explain, *drum roll please* the Chopula! This silicone bad boy is perfect for non-stick surfaces and allows you to chop food in the pan with ease. You can also scrape your cookware clean without missing any leftover bits! 



Now put your hands together for the Garject! You'd be forgiven for not knowing what this object does but rest assured, by the time you finish reading this you'll need one. The Garject is a hassle-free garlic crusher whose magical ability lets you crush garlic cloves with the peel on, then clean sweep them and scrape the crushed garlic off into your food before ejecting the peel into the bin. Nifty huh?



Do you wish you could see these silicone utensils in action before you buy them? Find your nearest Matchbox store to see them for yourself and to chat to a staff member if you want more information on how they work. 

Next up on the drawing board for Dreamfarm is increasing their range of kitchenware while branching out to include products that help solve problems in other areas of the home, such as the bathroom or living areas in general. 

Are you already an avid buyer of Dreamfarm's kitchen utensils and just came to read up on the company you love? Or are you new to this company's brilliance and want to try some of their kitchenware products for yourself? Either way shop Matchbox's range of Dreamfarm products in store or online today! 


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