Since its beginning in 1978, Lock & Lock prioritises its customers, considering their health, safety and convenience when developing and manufacturing their kitchenware products. 

Part of what has made this brand so successful today has been their dedication to achieving customer satisfaction through product development that features eco-friendly materials and innovative designs. Not only that, this brand promises to help improve the quality of life for its customers, aiming to create products that solve everyday challenges and change behavioural patterns for the better. 

Their hero product? 

Food storage containers! 

While the market is saturated with various containers that you can take on-the-go, Lock & Lock sets itself apart through its newly developed interlocking system featured on all four sides. This makes the containers truly airtight and watertight, meaning you can store your leftovers, dry products, and food for you to take to work. 

With a company mission to value both humanity and the environment, it's no surprise that Lock & Lock has come out with its very own Eco range of storage containers. 

Lock & Lock Eco Containers

Made from 100% recycled production waste (yep, you heard that right), that's been hygienically collected throughout the manufacturing process from offcuts, trims, rejects, overruns, surplus and redundant stock, this range is truly one of a kind.

No really, each container features a unique colour, as the shades of plastic depend on what materials/offcuts come off the production line. Pretty cool huh?

Made out of BPA free plastic so they're are just as healthy for you as they are for the environment, these containers are 100% airtight thanks to Lock & Lock's very own four-hinged lid technology. These containers also come with a silicone seal in the lid for superior compression ensuring its contents will stay fresher for longer. 

Lock & Lock Eco Container

But that's not all! You can even pop these wildlife warriors in the microwave for ease of use and in the dishwasher for the ultimate cleaning convenience! 

One thing we know for sure is that containers like these last through years of school excursions, and trips to the office, squashed in bags next to your water bottle. They're durable and high-quality, perfect for keeping your food tasty. These containers might all be uniquely different in colour but they're all green in principle, and that's what makes them super important (and a must-have in every kitchen)!

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