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At Matchbox, we're all about taking the stress out of buying - because deciding on cookware can be hard! Read this Cookware FAQ to learn all about the sauteuse pan and whether or not you might need one for your kitchen.


What is a sauteuse pan?

"Sauteuse" comes from the French word that means 'sauté pan'. Saute pans are a type of pan that comes with a wide base, sloped sides, and most of the time are covered with a tight fitting lid.

They are slightly taller than the average frying pan with deeper sides, which offer extra surface area for your cooking and makes it easier to stir foods around. Whether they have sloped or straight sides, this makes them ideal for deep frying, browning meat or more.

Now is there a difference between a sauteuse and a saute pan? When looking for cookware, you'll find that the word 'sauteuse' itself is used to describe the saute pan that comes with two side handles, rather than one long handle. However, it's not uncommon that the two terms are used interchangeably.

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How do you pronounce sauteuse?

Sauteuse, derived from French, is pronounced "so-toose". It originates from the French word "saute" which means "to jump" – inspired by the quick 'jumping' motions of sauteeing, or how diced onion jumps in a high heat pan.

Sauteuses come in either stainless steel or non stick varieties. They can be built in many different sizes and cookware materials, including enameled cast iron which many love for their ultra smooth surface.


What is a Sauteuse? | Matchbox

Sauteuse Pan vs Dutch Oven

A sauteuse typically has lower sides than a Dutch oven. However both are ideal for braising or searing, and both are suitable for cooking from the stove to oven.

If you are arranging a bigger feast, Dutch ovens are typically ideal for handling main courses such as casserole dishes, stews, and more, where you need a long, slow cook or bake. Whereas a sauteuse would be great for your sides or sauces, or dishes that require more constant stirring.

Both are able to offer optimal heat distribution so your foods can cook evenly and thoroughly.

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What can you make with a sauteuse pan?

If you're not sure what to make in a sauteuse, there are many sauteuse pan uses for either special or everyday occasions. The best type of recipes for a saute pan would be recipes that can make use of the pan's depth, while also needing a good stir when cooking.

Our personal favourite would be risotto, like this Jamie Oliver chicken & porcini risotto recipe. Fried rice or noodle stir fries are also a great match for a saute pan, as the deep sides make them easy to stir around without any bits falling off into your stove!

You can also use sauteuse pans for staple recipes like sauteed vegetables. However, their large volume allows you to also use them for heavier recipes like braised meat, or even a hearty homemade soup.

After all of that, the sloped sides of a saute pan makes them easy to clean, especially if you're working on a non stick surface.

Ready to get cooking? You can find your newsaute & chef pans online or in stores today at Matchbox! The best part is - if you're ever confused about buying your cookware, Matchbox has a team of culinary experts to assist you online or in-store and answer all your burning questions.


Happy cooking!

The Matchbox Team

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