Since its beginning in 1978, LocknLock prioritises its customers, considering their health, safety and convenience when developing and manufacturing their kitchenware products. 

With a promise to fulfil their responsibility to customers through providing the highest quality products and service, you know this is a brand you can trust. This brand has quickly become an industry leader in the food storage sector and is renowned for its very own four-hinged lid technology that allows containers to be 100% airtight and watertight at all times. 

Aiming to seek growth to be constantly developing new products and continuing to push the boundaries of innovation, this brand should be your go-to when it comes to environmentally friendly products that make your life in the kitchen just that little bit easier. 

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Lock & Lock Eco Rectangular Tall - 850ml
$5.56 $6.95 RRP $10.95
Eco Rectangular Tall - 850ml
Lock & Lock Eco Recyled Rectangular Tall - 1.3L
$7.96 $9.95 RRP $14.95
Eco Rectangular Tall - 1.3L
Lock & Lock Eco Rectangular Short - 2.6L
$13.56 $16.95 RRP $24.95
Eco Rectangular Short - 2.6L
Lock & Lock Eco Rectangular Short - 1L
$7.16 $8.95 RRP $13.95
Eco Rectangular Short - 1L
Lock & Lock Eco Round Tall - 700ml
$4.76 $5.95 RRP $8.95
Eco Round Tall - 700ml