Dedicated to creating award-winning designs that are eco-friendly, environmentally safe, and long-lasting, Stasher is not only the smart alternative to plastic but also a brand you can trust. 

Promising to help reduce consumer's single-use, disposable habits, this company provides products that you can cook, store and freeze, both disrupting the food storage industry as we know it and preventing millions of plastics from piling up in landfills and polluting our oceans.

Today Stasher has become a leader in the plastic-free movement, with their products being made out of pure platinum silicone which is also primarily sand. Featuring a 100% plastic and BPA free design, their products are non-toxic and are perfect for starting your war on waste. 

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Stasher Half Gallon 1.92L - Clear
$44.95 RRP $55.95
Half Gallon 1.92L - Clear
Stasher Sandwich Bag 450ml - Clear
$24.95 RRP $29.95
Sandwich Bag 450ml - Clear
Stasher Sandwich Bag 450ml - Raspberry
$24.95 RRP $29.95
Sandwich Bag 450ml - Raspberry
Stasher Snack Bag 293ml - Clear
$19.95 RRP $25.95
Snack Bag 293ml - Clear