Supporting Women Artists with Maxwell & Williams and Ecology

International Women's Day 2022

Happy Women's Day! This March 2022, in honour of International Women's Day 2022, we dive into collections made by Australia's Women Artists in collaboration with Ecology and Maxwell & Williams. Over many years, Matchbox is proud to feature brands that work with a diverse group of artists to create lasting pieces for Australian homes. One of them being Melanie Hava, who has worked in collaboration with Maxwell & Williams to produce a stunning range that boldly showcases Australia's flora and fauna. Looking to native reefs and rainforests as key sources of inspiration, Melanie expresses her creativity by drawing on her Indigenous culture. Art for Melanie has been a very personal journey, having been a place she finds personal growth and solace.

Melanie Hava

Another artist we are proud to feature in their collaboration with Maxwell & Williams is Katherine Castle, who has partnered with the Australian homewares brand for over 10 years. Known for her ultra detailed wildlife artworks, her sophisticated mixed media style is a sight to behold and a well-known favourite among our gifts, teaware, and homewares collections. She likes to immerse herself in the lifestyle of a true artist, frequently packing up her belongings to set up camp in a new environment to paint what she sees around her.

Katherine Castle

This March 2022, it's important that we celebrate women not just today, but everyday. So last but not least on our Women Artists feature this year is Heather Piez, one of the creatives behind your favourite Ecology designs. Her stunning painted artworks occupy many of the tableware, servingware, and more pieces from Ecology that you can find online or in-store. When asked about advice for women working in her sector, Heather replies: "Think about the reason why you want to pursue a creative career and always keep that in mind when things get hard to help you power through. Lastly, don’t compare yourself to others because we all have a different journey and different values. I know it’s a cliche but I think it’s so true!"

Heather Piez