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Everyone deserves a good time. Whether you're planning a daytime get-together or late-afternoon happy hour, there's no better time than now to learn how to make mocktails that your friends and family will love!

Mocktails are a great entertaining option to cater to guests who are looking to cut back or opt out of alcohol for the occasion. Or perhaps you're looking to introduce yourself to more booze-free options that are simple and easy to make. Contrary to what many people believe, mocktails don't have to be limited to juice or iced tea. These fun mocktail recipes from our trusted friend, Mr. Consistent, will assure you that you don't always need a drop of alcohol to make show-stopping beverages. 

 5 Quick & Easy Mocktail Recipes | San Pellegrino Cosmo Spritz | Matchbox

1. San Pellegrino Cosmo Spritz

What happens when a little bit of sweetness meets a little bit off fizz? The San Pellegrino Cosmo Spritz! For this recipe, we mix the Carrie Bradshaw-inspired Cosmo from the Mr. Consistent Mixes range (which all come alcohol-free, by the way) with a splash of San Pellegrino for a sparkling cranberry-flavoured sip.

1. Add ice to your favourite tumbler glass or champagne flute.

2. Pour in 75ml of the Mr. Consistent Premium Cosmo Mix

3. Top it up with some Grapefruit-flavoured San Pellegrino (or other brands of sparkling water)

4. Stir through, top with garnish and enjoy!


5 Quick & Easy Mocktail Recipes | Blueberry Sours | Matchbox

2. Blueberry Sours

This perfectly balanced and booze-free blueberry sours is a treat for an evening in. As Mr. Consistent says, "This mocktail is a well balanced, flavour packed treat that will send your taste-buds into a state of bliss! Think of it as a late night dessert to enjoy as a nightcap.."

1. In a glass, pour in 75ml of the Mr. Consistent Sours Mix

2. Add 45ml of a blueberry puree or blueberry syrup of your choice

3. Pour contents into a cocktail shaker

4. Add ice and shake vigorously

5. Pour all contents including the ice into your tumbler glass

6. Garnish with dried mandarin slices and enjoy!

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5 Quick & Easy Mocktail Recipes | Coconut Stitch Up | Matchbox

3. Coconut Stitch Up

Reminiscent of piña coladas by the poolside, this Coconut Stitch Up mocktail mix is described as a 'tropical oasis'. Make a quick run to the store for your go-to brand of coconut cream or condensed coconut milk to craft this dreamy coconut drink!

1. Add ice to a cocktail shaker

2. Pour in 75ml of the Mr. Consistent Stitch Up Premium Mix

3. Pour in 45ml of coconut cream or sweetened condensed coconut milk

4. Close your shaker and shake vigorously

5. Pour into your favourite cocktail glass (we recommend a tumbler for this one!)

6. Garnish with dried mandarin slices

5 Quick & Easy Mocktail Recipes | Spicy Mango Margarita | Matchbox

4. Spicy Mango Margarita

Who doesn't love a classic margarita? Well now, thanks to Mr. Consistent's creative mocktail ideas, you can enjoy a margarita with your buddies, booze-free! This spicy mango-flavoured spin packs a fiesta-inspired flavour, perfect for parties and celebrations.

1. In an ice-filled cocktail shaker, add 75ml of Mr. Consistent's Premium Margarita Mix

2. Add 45ml of mango puree, or more to your taste

3. Sprinkle desired amount of chili powder — we recommend going light first as you can always top it with more dried chili afterwards!

4. Shake the contents 

5. Coat the rim of a coupe-style cocktail glass with chili salt

6. Pour your spicy mango margarita mixture into the glass

7. Garnish with dried chili as toppings, and serve!


5 Quick & Easy Mocktail Recipes | Cyclone Margarita | Matchbox

5. Special: Cyclone Margarita Mocktail

Last but definitely not least, here's one to help you really cool down during those summer days. This icy cyclone margarita is a refreshing and alcohol-free treat for when you and your best mates are really starting to feel the summer heat — or planning any occasion in any season for that matter!

Note: You're going to need a blender for this recipe.

1. Get your favourite cyclone ice pops. (Childhood nostalgia, anyone?) You can find a pack in the nearest supermarket!

2. Slice your cyclone ice pop off its stick, and cut into small cubes

3. Place chopped cyclone pieces into a blending cup

4. Pour in 75ml of the Mr. Consistent Margarita Mix to your blending cup

5. Blend all ingredients together until smooth

6. Once smooth, pour your icy margarita into your favourite cocktail glass. 

7. Garnish with mint leaves or other drink garnishes of your choice.

8. Pop in a reusable straw or serve as is — enjoy!


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Ready to plan a spectacular booze-free happy hour? Shop our wide range of Mr. Consistent Premium Mixes, with flavours ranging from sours, espresso martinis, bloody mary, Stitch Up, Waterboy, and more. Just like his name suggests, he's here to help you craft a consistent range of cocktails that will wow any crowd.

On top of that, each come alcohol-free, perfect to spoil you with tasty non alcoholic drinks for a mocktail-friendly party. Find yours online or in stores today at Matchbox with FREE Shipping on all orders over $69.


What are tips on how to make mocktails better?

First, it's all in the glassware. Single use plastic cups are out — instead, serve up in your finest looking spirit & cocktail glasses to really elevate your home bar experience. We recommend champagne flutes for anything bubbly, and coupe-style glasses for your margaritas.

Second, garnish to your heart's content! There's nothing like generously applying some passionfruit sugar or special salt around the rim of your glass to make the drink go from 0 to 100, just like that. For toppings, Mr. Consistent's wide range of cocktail garnishes can take you far, such as the Dried Mandarin slices to go over your summery drinks. If all else fails, mint leaves or a slice/squeeze of citrus (such as lemon or lime) can really do the trick.

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