- Favourite cake mix or recipe 

- Pink Colour Mist Food Colour Spray 

- Leaf Green icing colour 

- Creamy white decorating icing 

- EZ Thin dipping aid 

- Turquoise candy melts 

- Edible metallic cake paint

- Rose icing colour 

- Bright White candy melts 

- Yellow Colour Mist Food Colour Spray 

- Ice cream cones 

We guarantee the kids are going to LOVE this one. 

Celebrate easter and get your creative juices flowing by making these very cute bunny butt cakes together as a family! These cakes are the perfect palate cleanser to give you and your family the sugar rush that you probably don't need but the Easter bunny gives you a free pass in the month of April. 

A fun project for beginner to advanced bakers, these bunny butt cones are sure to hop their way straight into your heart (and stomach).  



1. Follow your own cake batter recipe and using a cone rack, bake and cool the cupcakes in cake cones according to package instructions. 

2. Place a bunny feet pattern under a baking paper-covered board. Melt the Bright White candy melts according to the packet instructions and prepare a decorating bag with the melted white candy; cut a little off the top of the bag, ready to pipe. 

3. Following the pattern, pipe the bunny feet (2 per treat). Chill them until they're set which is usually around 10 to 15 minutes. Reserve the remaining melted white candy for later. 

4. Using pink and yellow colour mist food sprays, spray the cones. Thin the remaining white candy and the blue and pink candy with a candy thinner, and dip the cones into the melted white, blue and pink candy. Get creative with this step and dip all of the cone, some of the cone or even on a diagonal. 

5. Chill these until they're set (another 10 to 15 minutes) and using some gold metallic cake paint, paint the bottom of some cones gold. 

6. Prepare your own buttercream icing recipe and split into four batches. Tint one of the batches with rose icing colour, another one with teal icing colour, another one with the leafy green icing colour and the last one just keep white. 

7. Prepare a decorating bag with tip 1A and the batch of white icing. Pipe a mound on each cake. Then prepare two decorating bags with couplers and a small tip. Fill them separately with the teal and light pink icing. Using both of the bags, pipe some pads on the bunny feet. 

8. Switch both bags to tip 8B and pipe the bunny tails. Then prepare the last decorating bag with a smaller tip and the leaf green icing and pipe some grass around the edges of the treat. 

9. Using the remaining white buttercream, attach the feet to the treat and stand back to admire all your handiwork. We congratulate you on a job well done. 


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