3 Steps to Eco-Friendly School Prep | Matchbox 

Happy Plastic Free July!

July always serves as a good reminder for us to live more sustainably. As parents, this can range from family recycling, switching to a BYO coffee cup, to purging our homes from single-use plastic.

Going reusable is one of the best ways to introduce eco-friendly habits to children especially. Not only is it far less wasteful for your home to have items you can use in the long run, but it also teaches kids to build greener habits in their lifestyle.

And what better way to help the kids learn than the start of school term? As school weeks are fast approaching, here are some ways you can gear the kids for back to school, the eco-friendly way.

3 Steps to Eco-Friendly School Prep | Matchbox

Photo: Bentgo Stainless Steel Leak-Proof Lunch Box in Rose Gold


It's not just you — we all hate single-use plastic containers. We all do! They break easily, they're useless to keep at home, and you never know what's included in their material which is a worry when packing the children's food.

Lucky for you, our insulated food jars and stainless steel lunch boxes are among the best options for switching to reusable food containers for your everyday lunches. The new Bentgo Stainless Steel Leak-Proof Lunch Box is one of our favourites. They're available in 3 different colours, are microwavable, plus feature a leak-proof airtight lid with an unbreakable stainless steel construction.

We also have bento style lunch boxes in similar styles from other reputable brands, such as the Yumbox Stainless Steel Bento Box, the OXO Reusable Food Containers, and more.


3 Steps to Eco-Friendly School Prep | Reusable Snack & Sandwich Bags | Matchbox

Photo: Russbe Reusable Snack & Sandwich Bags


Sustainable living starts from the small stuff — as small as your child's everyday snacks, too! One of the easiest ways to swap out single-use plastic from your home is by investing in some easy-to-use (and super cute) resealable snack & sandwich bags.

On top of that, unlike typical Ziploc bags, these are made of sturdier material which will ensure your sandwich doesn't get squashed on the way! We have a large variety of silicone lunch pouches like the ones from Appetito & Stasher, available in many colours and sizes, as well as Avanti's bright-coloured and eco-friendly sandwich bags.


3 Steps to Eco-Friendly School Prep | Thermos Funtainers | Matchbox

Photo: Thermos FUNTainer Kids Drink Bottles & Insulated Food Jars


It's 2022 – time to say goodbye to lugging around those pesky plastic water bottles, and instead get ourselves some delightful child-friendly bottles that our families will love!

Setting the standard for carrying a reusable water bottle everywhere you go is the best way to instil a habit that will keep your active kids hydrated themselves. Our range of kids drink bottles from Thermos Funtainers, for example, are a family favourite everywhere in Australia. We also have up to 60% Off regular insulated drink bottles that are suitable for a child of any age, packed in colourful designs to get them ready for the day.




So there's no time to waste! *wink* Explore our wide option of reusable back-to-school items that will make your getting ready in the morning more waste-free, and worry-free.


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