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Cooking in non-stick is a wonder in and of itself. You don't need much oil, they're easy to clean, and you can use non stick pans to fry, sear, grill virtually anything.

Different from 10-20 years ago when Teflon varieties were all we had, nowadays, there are tons of non stick cookware options in the market. They come in many different types too, from saucepans to saute pans to open French skillets or frypans.

The truth is, whether you're a seasoned pro or an amateur cook, every home chef needs a non stick frying pan in their kitchen. So here is our guide to nonstick pans, including their benefits and our top 5 recommendations!

  1. Benefits of Non Stick Cooking
  2. Top 5 Non Stick Pans to Buy in 2023 


Scanpan Classic Induction | The 5 Best Non Stick Pans in Australia | Matchbox

What are the benefits of cooking with non stick cookware?

1. Easy to clean

There are some key reasons why the best branded non stick pots and pans have taken over the market. First is non-stick pans are effortless to clean because - clearly - food doesn't stick! 

Non stick pans prevent food from sticking and burning on your pan, which means a better guarantee for perfectly cooked meals. Thanks to that, any non-stick cookware material is far easier to clean – with soft non-abrasive sponges, of course.

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2. Using less oil when cooking

Another advantage of non stick cookware is you save tons of cooking oil compared to using other cookware materials. Because of its non stick surface, cooking on a non stick pan requires less cooking fat.

This is why non stick is the perfect cookware option for health-conscious home chefs — you can use less oil to sear or fry your foods. Your sunny side up will thank you.

3. A versatile, durable, beginner-friendly cookware

Because of the reasons above, non stick cookware is considered the more-beginner friendly of all cookware surfaces. Not only are you less likely to burn food, but its ease to clean makes it versatile everyday cookware piece to make staples such as fried eggs, stir fry, and more.

Non stick pans – especially those with aluminium body – distribute heat evenly and therefore you won't end up with heat points throughout your pan, which means your food can cook evenly with minimal effort! 

So the big question is, how do you choose the right non stick pan for you? Well here are top 5 non stick cookware recommendations according to our team of cookware experts and home cooking professionals.


5 Best Non Stick Pans to Buy in Australia, According to Experts

  • Best overall: Essteele Per Salute Open French Skillet
  • Best value: Cuisinart Chefs iA+ Frypan - 30cm
  • Best frypan set: Anolon Endurance+ Triple Skillet Set
  • Best handles: WOLL Diamond Lite Detachable Handle Induction Frypan 24cm
  • Best for Beginners: Pyrolux Ignite Skillet 28cm

Per Salute Open French Skillet - 20cm | Essteele | Matchbox

1. Best Overall: Essteele Per Salute Open French Skillet (from $79.95)

 One of our top picks for non stick cookware hass to be the best-selling Essteele Per Salute range. Suitable on all cooktops including induction, their high quality nonstick skillets are among the world's best.

Made in Italy, Essteele Per Salute is known for their diamond reinforced 7-layered non-stick surface, one of which is a DuraShield internal barrier for extra resistance. Essteele surfaces are nickel and PFOA free and offers superior hardness for any sort of cooking task.

It also comes with an innovative ThermoTech Handle which indicates when it is time to start cooking. Look no further than Essteele if you want one of our most hard wearing, best non stick cookware brands.

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Chefs iA+ Frypan - 30cm | Cuisinart | Matchbox

2. Best Value: Cuisinart Chefs iA+ Frypan - 30cm (down to $79.95 from $169.95)

If you're looking for best value cookware, Cuisinart is one of the best choices to go with. The Chef's iA+ range of nonstick pans provide amazing heat distribution — which basically means it transfers heat from your stove to your pan efficiently and evenly.

The Cuisinart Chef's iA+ Frypan is designed with deeper sides compared to regular frypans that help protect you from oil splatters. Plus, it's induction suitable and oven safe, which is bonus points for versatility when home cooking.



Endurance Plus Triple Pack Skillet Set | Anolon | Matchbox

3. Best Frypan Set: Anolon Endurance+ Triple Skillet Set (down to $159.95 from $399.95) 

If you're looking for a nonstick cookware set that can withstand any cooking task, Anolon is one of the best in the business. Featuring a hard anodised construction that is twice as hard as stainless steel, the Anolon Endurance+ Triple Skillet Set is one of the best non stick fry pan sets we offer thanks to its high heat conductivity and distribution.

Coming in a set that includes a 20, 24, and 28 cm skillet, unmatched nonstick coating are perfect for home cooks who want to elevate their cooking abilities. Each Anolon Endurance+ cookware piece comes with riveted SureGrip stainless steel handles wrapped in silicone tabs on where your hands would be, which means they stay cool to the touch as you cook away.

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Diamond Lite Detachable Handle Induction Frypan 24cm | WOLL | Matchbox

4. Best HandlesWOLL Diamond Lite Detachable Handle Induction Frypan 24cm (down to $179.95 from $299.95)

Why is WOLL Diamond Lite among our top non stick cookware brands? It's not only because they're a premium German made brand. It's also not only because of their cast aluminium material made in a squeeze-casting technology.

The WOLL Diamond Lite Induction range features their signature WOLL detachable handle! From sauteeing to searing, this detachable handle helps you heaps because you can easily fit it into the oven, cupboard, or dishwasher, and you can keep it safely out of children's reach when cooking on the stove. This means less accidental injuries or knocking over your pan when frying in the kitchen!

It also has a fine textured surface, similar to cooking on cast iron, that helps you deliver perfectly seared results. Given that you don't use metal utensils on non stick pans (you really shouldn't), the WOLL will last you many years thanks to its cut- and corrosion-resistant hard base non-stick surface, making Diamond Lite Induction one of the best non stick skillets.

Pyrolux Ignite Skillet 28cm | The 5 Best Non Stick Pans in Australia | Matchbox

5. Best for Beginners: Pyrolux Ignite Skillet 28cm (down to $89.95 from $179)

It's not just the value that makes customers choose Pyrolux! Pyrolux is one of the best beginner-friendly cookware there is, especially in the nonstick variety. Able to withstand even high temperatures when cooking, the long-lasting non-stick pan surface of the Pyrolux Ignite range features what is called the Whitford USA Quantanium non-stick coating.

It wraps around a heavy duty forged aluminium body that helps heat travel from the bottom of the pan to all is other parts quickly and evenly. They also come with a versatile, deepened pan shape for better control of your cooked foods as well as ergonomic handles to give you a firm grip. 




So ready to take on all sorts of cooking tasks with your brand new non stick frying pan? Matchbox offers all types of sizes and non stick brands with FREE Shipping applied on orders over $69 Australia wide!

Remember that the best cookware to buy all comes down to what you need and prioritise for cooking your meals in the kitchen. But our team is here to help you find the right cookware that you'll love and enjoy.


See you online & in stores.

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