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Is your cookware looking a bit worse for wear? Is your pan starting to peel off and now you feel unsure every time you pull it out? Well, it might be time to upgrade to some shiny new cookware!

Looking for what cookware to buy can be an overwhelming process, especially if all or most of your pots and pans are long overdue for an upgrade. But look no further — we've taken a good look at our wide range of cookware and are now giving you our top 5 recommendations for best induction cookware sets!

You can say goodbye to the days of cherrypicking which cookware brand to trust. Our picks are based on what our team of experts curated, what our staff tried and tested, and what you (our customers!) love.

  1. Why Buy A Cookware Set?
  2. The Benefits of Induction Cooking
  3. How to Look for Induction Suitable Cookware?
  4. Top 5 Best Induction Cookware Sets in 2022


Best Induction Cookware Sets in 2022 | Pyrolux Pyrostone Cookware Set | Matchbox

Photo: Pyrolux Pyrostone 6 Piece Cookware Set 
(RRP $759.95 $299.95)

Why Buy a Cookware Set?

Before you say, I don't need a cookware set! There are a few reasons why you should consider it.

Two words: Better. Value! 

Many home cooks go for a set because you get more bang for your buck as opposed to buying individual pieces. Nowadays, there are tons of great bargains for cookware sets in the market — you take the economical route plus you end up with all the pieces you need! This is especially helpful for beginners or those who have just moved into a new home.

Second, you don't have to deal with the hassle of shopping loose pieces. This means no more pacing around the shopping centre or spending weeks looking for one specific-sized pot, pan, and saucepan across 15 different websites.

A set also means you don't need to cook with mismatched cookware, which means you can cook without compromising with any differences in material and quality among your pots and pans.


The Benefits of Induction Cooking 

Home cooks love induction cooktops for its energy-efficient cooking. Because it's controlled by a magnetic field, the stove is fired by electric currents that can directly heat the base of your cookware, requiring less time and energy compared to gas or other stovetops.

If you're cooking a mean medium-well steak, for example, you might love its heating precision. Induction stovetops allow you to control the exact temperature your food gets heated with, a process called precision cooking that is especially useful for cooking meat, fish, or other proteins.


Best Induction Cookware Sets in 2022 | Anolon Endurance+ 6 Piece Set | Matchbox
Photo: Anolon Endurance+ 6 Piece Set (RRP $899.95 $399.95)


How to Look for Induction Suitable Cookware? 

Now comes the next phase: Finding the best induction compatible cookware! Lucky for you though, there are tons of specially made cookware for induction stoves in the market today. 

If you're wondering how your existing pots and pans would react to induction cooktops, do the magnet test. Place a magnet on the base — if it sticks well, it will most likely be suitable. But if you're unsure and don't want to risk it, it's best to look for new induction safe cookware.

Induction cookware has a flat bottom base which allows an optimal surface area to catch those electric currents and generate heat. The best material for induction cookware is any that can retain that magnetic field with your burners. A stainless steel base is always a good sign, as it can react quickly to changes in heat temperature. Most sets also boast an aluminium body which acts as a good conductor of heat, which we'll unpack in our top sets below!


The 5 Best Induction Cookware Sets in 2022

Anolon Endurance+ 6 Piece Cookware Set | Matchbox

1. Best Material: Anolon Endurance+ 6 Piece Set (down to $399.95 from $899.95

You want a cookware set that will last, and when it comes to durability, not many can compete with hard-anodised cookware. The Anolon Endurance+ 6 Piece Cookware Set is one of our top best sellers favoured by home cooks and professional chefs alike. Its hard-anodised construction is known to be twice as strong as stainless steel and sturdier than regular non-stick for everyday use. 

Paired with a reliable PFOA-free non stick coating, you can cook and enjoy easy food release. This set includes three sizes of saucepans, two open French skillets, a stockpot and a saute pan. On top of that, the Anolon Cookware Set also features stainless steel handles with silicone grips to protect your hands as you cook away.


Esstele Per Salute 5 Piece Cookware Set | Matchbox

2. Most Versatile: Essteele Per Salute 5 Piece Cookware Set (down to $399.95 from $849.95)

Handmade in Italy, the Essteele Per Salute boasts up to 7 layers of coating, which includes a DuraShield barrier for even heating, diamond-reinforced non stick for superior hardness and reduced risk of warping, and a heavy duty aluminium body. With two sizes of saucepans, two skillets and one sauteuse, and oven safe for up to 180ºC for stove to oven cooking, it's one of the most versatile sets to keep in your home for any type of dishes you're planning to cook.

This set is suitable on all stovetops thanks to its induction suitable stainless steel base, which offers a high thermal conductivity. That means it can heat or cool within seconds when you change the temperature on your induction stove — ideal for cooking proteins or one pot meals where you might change the heating frequently.


Scanpan Impact 10 Piece Cookware Set | Matchbox

3. Best Size: Scanpan Impact 10 Piece Cookware Set (down to $449.95 from $1,129)

Our Scanpan Impact 10 Piece Set will ensure you never run out of induction pots and pans. This generous stainless steel cookware set includes: Three sizes of saucepans, a frypan, a roasting pan with rack, a Dutch oven, a multi steamer, and a multi-pot set which includes a stockpot, a pasta insert, and a steamer insert. 

So from your weeknight pasta dinners, fried meats, winter stews, to your Easter Sunday roast, this set has everything you can possibly need. And with more than half off its RRP price, you can't argue that it's a great bargain.

Cuisinart Chefs iA+ Twin Pack - 24cm And 28cm Frypans | Matchbox

4. Best Frypan Set: Cuisinart Chef's iA+ Twin Pack - 24cm and 28cm Frypans(down to $99.95 from $239.95) 

Any of our Matchbox staff will tell you that Cuisinart is among the best brands to go for if you want best value cookware. If you're only looking to replace your old frypans, our 5-star reviewed Cuisinart Chef's iA+ Twin Pack Set is the way to go!

Safe to say these are among the best frypans for induction. Like the Anolon Set, the Cuisinart Chef's iA+ range is made of a hard anodised alumium body with an induction compatible base, making them a top performer in the kitchen with even & quick heat distribution. Two high quality frying pans for less than $100 is definitely a steal, but not only that, the Chef's iA+ also has a three-layer Quantanium non-stick coating that makes it easy to release food from the pan and easy to clean. 


Pyrolux Pyrostone 4 Piece Cookware Set | Matchbox

5. Best Budget: Pyrolux Pyrostone 4 Piece Cookware Set (down to $199.95 from $499.95)

You can always look to Pyrolux for budget-friendly cookware that can still deliver quality performance. The Pyrolux Pyrostone range offers a PFOA-free non-stick coating which comes with many benefits — it cleans easily, is effortless to cook on, and you are less prone to over-burning your food.

Compatible for all cooktops including induction, this non stick cookware set comes with clear tempered glass lids suitable for boiling or steaming. It offers two lidded saucepans, a fry pan, and a lidded chef pan, so from soups to stir fry, it's a good beginner-friendly set that can cover all of your cooking needs. 



So, ready to find yourself a perfect induction suitable cookware set? You can explore our curated cookware range at Matchbox, where we supply top-class brands such as Anolon, Essteele, Scanpan, Cuisinart and more.

Our friendly & knowledgeable staff in-store or online can help answer all your burning questions, and you can enjoy our FREE Shipping Australia-wide on all orders over $69.

Enjoy your shopping!


The Matchbox Team

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