If you've finished weeding the garden, watching all nine seasons of 'The Office', chucking out all the clothes that you no longer wear (or no longer fit), and you've just started wondering what there is to do next....

How about tidying up and organising your pantry? There's no point stocking up on rice and pasta if you have nowhere to put it! Arguably one of the most important spaces in the house, the pantry is often the go-to (after the fridge of course) if you're hungry and looking for your next snack, and because of this reason (no judgment if you make a mess moving the healthy muesli bars out of the way for the packet of Doritos sitting behind them), it can often get chaotic really quickly. 

Luckily for you, we've come up with a few tips & tricks to help you sort out your kitchen cupboards. You might actually be able to find your favourite spice blend now....


1. Take everything out of your pantry.....

.....and we mean everything (yes, even that bottle of tomato sauce that went out of date back in 2014). 

Before you can even think about organising your pantry, you need to assess what you actually have in there. A lot of people (us included) tend to buy stuff we don't really need, push it to the back and forget about it but by taking absolutely everything out, you can now chuck those things away, only keeping what you'll actually use. 

Now for the fun parts! 

2. Get In The Zone 

This is probably the most important tip and we're not even exaggerating. Organising your pantry into zones is THE best way to keep it organised whilst also reducing the amount of time it takes for you to find the pasta. 

The best way to do this? Figure out what types of food and cooking categories identify more with your life (what food do you eat more of, do you do a lot of baking, etc), and then store said ingredients in canisters so you can't easily lose track of them. 

Our Maxwell & Williams Refresh Canisters are great for this. Taking a fresh look into kitchen storage, these canisters feature a clear glass body so you can easily see what's inside, and come in a range of practical shapes and sizes to suit your needs. 

MAXWELL & WILLIAMS Refresh Canister 1L

Once that's done, all you have to do is designate an area for each category, with the most-often-used zones in easy to reach places and label each zone so you don't get confused when it's 6am in the morning and your children have woken you up demanding pancakes for breakfast but because you're so tired you grabbed the corn starch instead of the baking flour.  

Labels will help you avoid this exact situation. 

3. Spice Racks

A simple yet effective item, spice racks will soon be your lifesaver so you don't lose your favourite spice blend to the back left-hand corner, along with the jar of chutney that you bought months ago that still hasn't been opened and the lonely box of sultanas that no one wants. 

If you have some spare bench space in your pantry then the Rotating Spice Rack Set by Avanti should be your go-to! Including 20 small spice jars that'll keep their contents fresher for longer, this set will allow you to view herbs and spices easily and without having to open them thanks to the names on the lids of the jars.  Featuring a stainless steel design, this set is guaranteed to complement your kitchen space and rotates for easy access to all your favourite spices. 

Alternatively, you can also store your spices under the shelf with the Joseph Joseph Cupboard Store Under - Shelf Spice Rack.

You can now have your spices handy and ready to go when you need them thanks to this specially designed spice rack. Made from durable polypropylene, this rack is guaranteed to fit neatly onto your existing shelf to make use of unwanted space. 

JOSEPH JOSEPH CupboardStore Under - Shelf Spice Rack

4. Tools & Appliances 

Don't take up precious shelf space by placing big and bulky cookware items on them. Hang 'not-used-that-often' utensils from hooks mounted on the wall or on the back of the door. This can even include fry pan and pot lids thanks to the CupboardStore In-Cupboard Pan Lid Holders by Joseph Joseph. 

Not only will they give you more storage space, but this handy kitchenware item is also easy to install and is the perfect solution for small kitchens with limited space. Designed to fit on cupboard doors, walls, and inside deep drawers, these items are perfect for holding lids and other items so you can start making the most out of your storage space.

JOSEPH JOSEPH CupboardStore Set of 4 In-Cupboard Pan Lid Holders

5. Stack It 

Flat containers are an easy way to make use of every available space in your pantry/kitchen cupboard. A perfect alternative to glass jars, containers can be used to store grains, breadcrumbs, rice, and nuts easily and efficiently. 

Why not try using the Dry Cell Airtight Container Range by Avanti? 

Coming in a whole heap of sizes, these containers are made from stainless steel with a silicone seal that sits inside the lid, keeping the ingredients super fresh and ready-to-go. Featuring secure clips on the lids to help keep the containers sealed, once you pop a label on these, you'll be feeling organised in no time. 

AVANTI Dry Cell Container - 21.5cm x 15.2cm x 6.5cm

6. Add Lazy Susans 

Okay, this might seem a little weird but hear us out. 

The corner in your pantry usually ends up being a black hole where cans or bags go to be lost forever (briefly touched on this point above). In order to combat this problem, you can install a lazy susan and thanks to its spinning design, nothing will ever be forgotten again! 

How about the Osara Lazy Susan by Salt & Pepper? 

Made with Japanese form and simplicity in mind, this handy kitchenware item is made from natural wood and is the perfect organisation accessory. 


Damn, your pantry's looking good 

You did it! You made it to the end and you only wanted to quite twice - we're so proud of you. 

Now you get to stand back and admire all of your hard work, you've really earned it. Not only does your pantry look so darn good but you can also see where everything is without having to spend 23 minutes looking for it! 

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