If you've ever been intrigued by the world of fragrance then we can't blame you. The way the intoxicating scent of faraway places can envelop you in a bubble of warmth. The way a single sniff can instantly transport you to a beach in Southern Italy, or to a dance floor in the heart of Rio, or to an afternoon spent sitting on the back porch in the Hamptons with a glass of iced tea in hand. 

Wherever your ideal destination is, the one thing that remains the same is the quality in which Glasshouse candles continue to be made. 

Starting out in Australia in 2006, these fragrances have the power to transform every moment. To create a mood where there wasn't one. To illuminate a celebration. To elevate the everyday. 

What started as a spark of imagination by founder and creative director, Nicole Eckles, has now grown into a company that sells internationally and surprisingly, still hand-finishes all of its candles out of its Sydney head office. 

If you want to learn more about this incredibly proud Australian business then click here, but if you want an in-depth look at how their signature sweet-smelling, triple-scented soy candles are made then all you have to do is scroll down! 

Formulating the fragrance 

Now you cant have a candle without first having the fragrance and so Glasshouse begins this process by creating a distinct and unique scent alongside some of the world's leading fragrance houses. 

This scent is always taken from a certain inspiration, whether that's a holiday; a moment in time; a memory; a feeling, or even a touch. Once the inspiration's been decided upon, a team of talented perfumers transforms this inspiration into a pure fragrance which then becomes the main scent of the candle. 

From then on, the process of developing the candle begins (eeek), with the fragrance moving through a series of tests and refinements before being approved for production. 

But don't be fooled by that quick explanation, this process can sometimes last up to 1 year. After all, it makes sense that bringing a candle to life in the way that this company does requires a lot of time and a whole lot of effort. 

Blending the wax 

Once a fragrance has been approved, the candle transformation begins! Priding themselves on offering 'triple-scented' candles (a term that refers to the fact that Glasshouse use triple the amount of fragrance than the industry standard), this company has also switched from using paraffin wax to a soy blend wax for the purest and cleanest burn possible. 

Pro Tip: When you go to light your candle for the first time, make sure it stays lit anywhere between an hour to 4 hours as you want the wax to melt all the way to the outside of the candle to prevent tunnelling during future burns. 

Hand-pouring the wax 

Once the candles have been all nicely blended, the wax is then poured by hand into the holders that you all know and love. Recently modernised, these vessels are made from high-quality glass, built to be both functional and beautiful with a thicker base that acts as a built-in coaster to protect your surfaces when lit. 

Including a seal in the glass lid, so your candle can be reused or repurposed, these glass holders are the perfect accompaniment to your favourite fragrance. 

Another pro tip: Once there is only 10mm of wax left, it's recommended that you stop burning your candle so as to preserve the glass vessel. If there isn't enough wax then the candle won't be able to absorb the heat of the flame and may crack your glass vessel. 

Hand wicking the candles 

The wicks used in all Glasshouse candles are made from cotton and are placed into the vessels by hand so to ensure a high standard of quality and a high level of consistency for all products. As cotton is a natural fibre that is highly absorbent (which is important for a clean burn), this material is a superior choice for all candles. 

Trimming the wicks by hand 

Precision is super important for Glasshouse so before the boxing process begins, the wicks on all candles are trimmed to an exact 7mm to ensure an optimal fuel to consumption ratio. This results in a controlled and even flame, a steady burn and an increased burn time. 

In other words, trimming the wick just encourages your candle to last as long as possible! 

Packaging the candles, with love 

Just like everything else in this process, packing up the candles are all done by hand! Each candle is individually inspected and hand-polished to maintain the highest quality every single time. 

The candles are then placed into their signature soft-touch candle boxes before being shipped to wherever you are! 

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