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There are tons of reasons why you might be interested in creating your own cocktail. Maybe you're planning a wedding and are on the hunt for some signature wedding cocktails? Maybe you're looking to impress a special somebody? Or maybe, like us, you're a cocktail enthusiast who's always looking to serve something new for your next happy hour or dinner party!


Whether you're hosting a big day, or entertaining on a chill night in, it's time to get the bar tools out and try our step-by-step guide to signature cocktail making.

 How to Make Your Own Signature Cocktail | Matchbox

1. Find cocktail inspiration

Crafting your own signature cocktails is a chance to put your creativity to the test. Unless you're a super experienced bartender, starting from scratch can feel overwhelming — so we recommend you learn from the classics!

Think of all the drinks you've tried and loved, or all the cocktail recipes you've yet to try but have been dying to! What catches your eye? Which were the most memorable? Do you want something heavy like an Old Fashioned? Or something 'sunny' like a fruity sangria?

Do you want perhaps a sparkling wine or white wine perfect for a summer-themed wedding?

Then, think of the vibe you want your drink to be. Is this signature drink served in a summer outdoor occasion, or a formal indoor party? Is it strong or subtle? Bitter or citrusy? Who will you be serving it to, and how do you want to make them feel?

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2. Balance your flavours

It's all in the ingredients. Once you've decided the theme of your drink, you can decide what spirits you want to put in! Like the vodka in a martini, this will be the strongest and base element of your signature cocktail mix.

Everyone's dying to know the secret on how to make a balanced cocktail. Well, Natalka Burian tells Shape Magazineyou need a 2:1:1 technique – 2 parts alcohol, 1 part sweet, and 1 part sour, shaken over ice.

Now the beauty of creating your own cocktail, of course, is you don't need to follow any rules to the T. Maybe you want less alcohol, more sweet, less sour... maybe you want no alcohol at all and would rather opt for a breezy mocktail!

Either way, you can let your creativity shine. As long as you know what cocktail ingredients you need to make it come to life. Here are some options:

Base Spirits: Rum, vodka, bourbon, whiskey, gin, tequila. For more variety, you can try something flavoured, such as Amaretto, Spiced Rum, Coconut Tequila, and more!

Sweet: Plain or infused syrups, sugar, honey, agave

Sour: Lemon, lime juices, orange juices, grapefruit

Seasonal: Mint, basil, pomegranates, apples, and other herbs & berries

Mixers:Tonic water, Club Soda, Mr. Consistent Premium Cocktail Mixes

Even with this list alone, you'll be left with endless possibilities on finding your own signature cocktail ideas.


How to Make Your Own Signature Cocktail | Matchbox

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3. Have the right tools

According to The Week, how you shake and stir is just as crucial as your ingredients when it comes to making a perfectly balanced cocktail.

If you're serious about leveling up your mixology game, it's time to set you up with the right and reliable barware. For one, you can't get started without a go-to cocktail shaker. You can get them in cocktail sets, or find them loose at Matchbox online or in stores.

Further, you need the handy guys too — we're talking cocktail jiggers, cocktail strainers, ice tongs, muddlers, and the like. Don't skip out on these accessories! You need to shake well, stir well, and even muddle well depending on your ingredients.


4. Try & test

Practice makes perfect! Now it's time to pull out your cocktail glasses and do some tasting tests. (Responsibly, of course.)

Mix & match your ingredients and see what's leaning in your favour. If you're starting out, less is more: Go with 3 ingredients first and consider how you can add or subtract.

For better results, cool your glassware — pop your cocktail glasses in the freezer, let them chill for 30 minutes, and pull them out for a nice, refreshing sip. We also recommend having a couple of friends or relatives who can try out your drinks for you!

 How to Make Your Own Signature Cocktail | Matchbox

5. Add a garnish

Every cake needs a cherry on top. Once you've perfected your mix, you can finish off your special beverage with a garnish that represents your cocktail creation!

For one, you might love our Mr. Consistent cocktail garnishes which range from passionfruit sugar to dried mandarin slices. Choose a garnish that suits the personality of your drink – and this can be sugar or salt around the rim, or a simple slice of lime!

Remember, the smell plays equal role with the taste. So you can also go with a rosemary sprig or some mint leaves to give it a final zing.

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6. Give it a name

And finally, you can name your cocktail something truly unique. Think of the memory or place it reminds you of, the occasion, or even you or your loved one's own names!

And who knows? Once you get the hang of how to create your signature cocktail, you can probably churn out so many more unique, never-before-seen drinks in the future.




Ready to give it a whirl and create your very own irresistible cocktail creations? Get creative with our wide range of cocktail sets & shakers online and in stores! With Matchbox's wide range of barware, you'll be impressing your guests in no time.


Happy mixing!

The Matchbox Team

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