What to bring, and everything you need to know before you go.

How to Pack for a Summer Road Trip in Australia | Travel Tips | Matchbox


Your perfect summer awaits! 

Borders are finally open, and we're all itching for that summer getaway. After months of wondering: "How long until summer holidays?" you might be looking at destination options and road trips. In that case, it's vital to be prepared for anything: unplanned weather, hunting for a service station, and many more adventures.

So to complete your summer holiday checklist, we're giving you all the tips on what to pack for a road trip this summer vacation, as well as what you need to know before you go! 


What to Know before Your Road Trip

1. It's gonna be hot... like, really hot. 

Whether you're driving along the coast and staying close to the shoreline, or ranging through the red outback trails, Australian summers can go as hot as 35-40°C.

That's why it wouldn't hurt to bring a portable fan or some nice cool drinks as you soak in all that sunshine! To do that, make sure you have a reliable cooler bag to keep your favourite drinks and goods. You would want all things insulated to ensure everything you bring stays cool no matter how hot and stuffy the day gets.

2. Don't miss out on nature walks!

When you're figuring out what to do in summer holidays, there's plenty of fun in road tripping, but you truly can't travel Australia without going on a nature walk! Find a trail, park the car somewhere, and don't miss out on some of the best hiking trails Australia has to offer.

You also clearly need a good dose of water to climb all the way up those scenic hikes. We recommend something easy to carry and to sip as you go like our Oasis Sports Bottles in a variety of stylish, fresh colours!

Best Drink Bottles for Hiking | Travel Tips | Matchbox

3. It's super scenic.

Whether you're in a car or a van, we guarantee there will be plenty of cliffs and trails and mountains and beaches that will leave you in awe.

So wherever you go, why not make the most of the scenery! Park the car, have a pause, take a breather... and best idea? You can even set up a mini (or glam!) picnic somewhere and snap some shots for you and your friends' Instagram. Talk about the summer of your dreams!

You can also pack some smart wine traveller sets, wine tumblers, and other outdoor drinkware to cheers to the summer with your buddies wherever you are.


What to Bring on a Road Trip in Australia | Travel Tips | Matchbox

What to Bring on your Road Trip

So it goes without saying that you'll need to be super prepared for your upcoming summer road trip. Whether you're bringing the car, or renting out a van, here are some holiday essentials we think you should pack!


Stay. Hydrated. We can't stress this enough! The best way to take care of yourself when you're out and about this summer (and having the time of your lives, we're sure) is to drink lots of water day in and day out in-between your activities.

We highly recommend adding a good insulated drink bottle to your packing checklist, and we'd go for like, a really large one like the 1.9 Litre Double Wall Titan Bottles for example to make sure you're hitting your daily water intake goals — which is super necessary.

The Titan bottles come in a vast range of colours and sizes to choose from so you can even find one for every person on the trip! 

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Fruit & Snacks

Snacks are probably one of the first things that come to mind when you're thinking about road trip essentials anyway, but some healthy & fresh fruit will go a long way to keep you nourished. 

The thing is, no one wants warm apples or room-temperature grapes. You'd want something to keep those fruit or snacks fresh from the minute you get them! Things like the Sachi Explorer Bags are made for just this – keeping your foods fresher for longer in any place or weather.

Shop Sachi Explorer Lunch Bags for Travel Online | Travel Essentials | Matchbox


Food Containers

We never know when we'll come across the next servo, restaurant, or milk bar. So if you're planning to pack some prepared foods like salads, chips, or sandwiches (which hey, you might thank yourself for later!) it's best to go for some Bentgo stainless steel food containers that are designed to be leakproof and weather-resistant to carry those foods on-the-go.

They're sleek so it won't take up heaps of space in your bag or your car, yet durable enough to pack with you even on your longer drives! (Will make you less guilty about using up so many single-use plastic takeaway boxes, too.)

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Sun or rain, long drives mean you (or at least the designated driver) will need plenty of coffee, especially if you're planning on powering through some late nights or early mornings.

If you don't want dozens of single-use coffee cups piling up in the corners and compartments and pockets of your car, consider getting yourself a reusable travel mug for your way. The Thermos Travel Mug is a stunning option too because their shape is specially designed to fit into most cup holders of cars. They're also perfectly sealed to keep it spill-resistant! Keeps your coffee safe on those bumpy roads.

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Best Places to Go on a Road Trip in Australia

Still looking for road trip ideas on where to go? We have ideas for you too! We know a thing or two about travel and we think you'll love these three of the most popular and best scenic routes in Australia.

Best Places to Go on a Road Trip in Australia | Travel Tips | Matchbox

1. Great Ocean Road (Victoria)

The Great Ocean Road is undoubtedly one of the best road trips you need to take at least once in your life. Especially if you love the ocean as much as we do! This coastal drive is home to some stunning destinations like the famous limestone 12 Apostles, surf beaches, or even some native rainforests.

It starts in Torquay, an area located on the west of Melbourne, travelling further westward towards Warrnambool to finish! The beautiful two-lane road will give you the summer memories of a lifetime.

2. Tasmania's Ocean Loop

You don't need us to tell you how gorgeous the sceneries are in Tasmania. So if you're up for a road trip on our beautiful isle down south, the Ocean Loop is a long road that loops around the island, keeping you close to some of the most picturesque beaches with tons of opportunities to make a stop and explore. It's a perfect break from city life and will give you plenty to discover!

3. The Blue Mountains Drive (New South Wales)

If you're starting from the metropolis of Sydney, it's worth checking out the Blue Mountains Drive, featuring some fascinating limestone formations and many other natural destinations that will blow you away. The expansive mountain range also comes with plenty of valleys you'll never get tired of looking at.


Now you can start with plenty of ideas on how to gear up on some of those travel essentials! No matter where the summer holiday takes you, we're wishing you a well and safe travels wherever you go.


With love,

The Matchbox Team

Feature photos by Rachel Claire, Djordje Petrovic, & Leah Kelley from Pexels 

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