Just because you're in a food coma whilst trying to figure out what day it is doesn't mean we'll let you start off the new year not knowing everything there is to know about Scanpan

Originating in Denmark in 1956, Scanpan is now synonymous with designing non-stick cookware of the highest quality and durability. With roots in traditional craftmanship, Scanpan are dedicated to creating functional yet timeless tools suitable for every setting, from the modern home to professional kitchens. 

Constantly evolving, this company is always at the forefront of innovation and technology, tirelessly working to help make you love your time in the kitchen. With numerous ranges that include the stainless steel 'Impact' range, the non-stick 'Evolution' range and the induction suitable 'Classic Induction' range, Scanpan is sure to have the perfect cookware for you. 

We've put together a list of the most frequently asked questions so you have all the information before deciding if Scanpan is the cookware brand for you. 


Where are Scanpan products made? 

Scanpan started in Denmark and has been proudly manufacturing their cookware in Denmark for over 60 years. 

Is Scanpan non-stick?

Depending on what type of cookware you're after, Scanpan offers an extensive range from non-stick to stainless steel or copper. Some of their non-stick ranges include 'Impact', 'Classic Induction' and 'Evolution' which are all designed with quality, functionality, and durability in mind. 

Due to Scanpan's ceramic titanium surface, you can use stainless steel utensils on your pots and pans as the coating is tough and won't scratch easily. Scuff marks will naturally appear over time though, however this will not affect the performance of your cookware. 

When using non-stick cookware, you want to make sure you're using it on low to medium heat for optimum cooking. If you want to use high heat, avoid using it excessively. 

Is Scanpan Teflon free? 

Firstly, Teflon is a just brand of non-stick coating and Scanpan doesn't use the Teflon brand. 

However, Scanpan cookware, like all non-stick coated cookware, does contain PTFE in its non-stick coating. This shouldn't alarm you or deter you from purchasing Scanpan cookware. PTFE is the base compound for any non-stick surfaces and Scanpan's formula works with its patented ceramic titanium surface construction to ensure ultimate longevity and durability of its non-stickiness. 

Therefore this PTFE coating is FDA approved and is 100% safe to use when you're cooking or preparing food. 

Is Scanpan good for Induction? 

All of Scanpan's stainless steel ranges are compatible with induction cooktops, however Scanpan's other ranges that are made out of copper, ceramic or aluminium are not. 

If you're stuck on whether the cookware you have at home is induction suitable, a good test to do is to grab a magnet from your fridge and see if it sticks to the base of your pot or pan. Your magnet should stick to the bottom if it's induction suitable.

Can you put Scanpan cookware in the dishwasher? 

Please don't use your pan in the dishwasher because it might not perform as well and will wear & tear easier. All you have to do to clean it properly is as follows: 

- Wait for the pan to cool. 

- Using a cookware cleaner or bicarb soda, scrub the pan with the green side of a Scotch-Brite (or similar) scourer. 

- Don't forget to do the same to the outside of the pan. 

- Rinse off the soap and see if you've got any remaining residue left. If you do, repeat the process and if you don't, put it away until it's ready to use again. 

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