Australian engineering at its best. Established in 1996 Furi knives were designed by local Australian Designers and international chefs. Cutting edge design and workmanship combined with high-quality Japanese steel products, it's a kitchenware tool that is a cut above the rest.

Dedicated to innovation, Furi prides itself on discarding old ways and aims to think differently in order to achieve the highest quality products so you can prepare ingredients perfectly every time.

 Focusing on manufacturing with precision and quality, their knives feature revolutionary wedge-shaped handles, perfect weight, seamless finish and are perfectly polished. By using only high-grade Japanese stainless steel, Furi expertly grounds the steel into shape and polishes it for a super smooth surface. 

If you're not sure what knife you should be using for what preparation task, check out our blog. 

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Furi Pro East/West Santoku 2pce Knife Set
$79.95 RRP $169.95
Pro East/West Santoku 2 Piece Knife Set
Furi Pro 3pce Kife Set
$99.95 RRP $199.95
Pro East/West Knife Set - 3 Piece Set