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The sun is out which can only mean one thing: Time to roll out that picnic blanket!

We hear you, mums. Planning picnics is fun, but it's also normal if you don't know where to start. You choose a day, you find a spot, but then: What do the kids play with? What do they eat?

If you've been frantic about getting everything you need for your picnic, don't worry 'cause we have the answers for you. In this post, we'll cover:

  1. What essentials you need to bring to a picnic
  2. Where you can find them; and
  3. Some healthy & easy picnic food ideas

The point of picnics is to have fun, so getting ready for them is an exciting time! At the end of this, we'll help you take the stress out of planning and set up a perfect picnic to have the most fun with the family and kids.


What to Bring to a Picnic

We all know that sometimes, simply getting kids into the car can be a handful! So it's no surprise that us families are superprone to forgetting some things (we've all been there, don't worry). On top of making sure all the food is packed, the drink bottles are filled, et cetera, it can be tricky figuring out what exactly you need to pack for a picnic.

That is why we've compiled a picnic checklist for you to make sure you come to every picnic fully prepared! 

  • Picnic blankets — A picnic rug or blanket is obviously the first outdoor must-have. Especially if you don't want to end up with dirty grass on your jeans!
  • Picnic baskets— It's not a picnic without a basket! Or at least a good-sized carry bag. Lucky for you, we have everything from wicker baskets to insulated lunch bags (which we recommend so that your food stays fresh). It also wouldn't hurt to carry some ice packs to keep them cool too!
  • Reusable cutlery sets — It's also important to start getting the family used towards reusable, which is why we recommend getting reusable picnic plate & cutlery sets to stay zero waste and single-use plastic free! 
  • Paper napkins — Don't forget to stock up on those paper napkins or wet wipes before you go, lest you get stuck on how to mop up a spill or clean dirty hands!
  • Lunch boxes — If you've carefully prepared food, snacks, and meals for the kids, lunch boxes will make them easy to pack. You can browse our collection to find plenty of the best lunch boxes for picnics.
  • Reusable sandwich bags— Let's face it, we're all getting tired of plastic sandwich bags that aren't only prone to tearing, but also can't protect our sandwiches from getting squished! Which is why we recommend going for reusable snack & sandwich bags from now on; the more durable and eco-friendly alternative.
  • Drink bottles— Don't forget water! Especially on these hot & sunny days, you'll thank yourself for not forgetting to pack a refreshing drink. We recommend insulated drink bottles that will keep your drinks cool! 

You can shop today to get up to 40% off on all these picnic essentials and more!


Picnic Table & Picnic Food Ideas | MatchboxShop the look: Stanley Rogers Travel Picnic Table 75cm x 38cm


The Best Food for a Picnic 

When it comes to deciding what food to bring to a picnic, you obviously want something stress-free, mess-free, and easy. We have plenty of picnic ideas, so here are a few recipes and suggestions we have up our sleeves on what you can bring to your next day out with the family.

First things first, you can't go wrong with some go-to sandwiches and some cool lemonade for any summer day, right? If you're looking for easy & quick, mini grilled cheese bites or cream cheese bagels can also do the trick! You can also elevate them just a tad by adding tuna or smoked salmon to the mix.

If you really want to step up your game, try out our cheese & vegemite sausage rolls which are bound to please any crowd. For desserts, if you have the time, here are some mini muffins that the kids will absolutely adore!

Healthy & Easy Picnic Food Ideas

But it doesn't stop there! Maybe you're tired of boring old peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pasta salads, potato salads and the like. So if you want to really ace your picnic food prep, say no more, because here are a few more healthy & easy picnic food ideas that you will love making, and the family will love eating! These picnic recipes are so good, you'll want to try them immediately.  

Healthy & Easy Picnic Food Ideas | Matchbox

Easy Fish Tacos

It's hard to say no to tacos! With these easy fish tacos from Natasha's Kitchen, you can spice up this go-to family recipe using some fresh ingredients and perfectly seasoned fish. On top of that, they're also gluten free! They're a great option if you want to go for something easy, flavourful, but still lightweight.

Pumpkin & Quinoa Croquettes 

Our pumpkin & quinoa croquette recipe is a delicious idea for any picnic or BBQ party. They're vegetarian, and a way healthier alternative to your typical deep fried croquettes! These are made of potato, pumpkin, and mashed vegetable, mixed together with quinoa, feta, coriander, and some flour. With just 5 simple steps, these bites go with any condiment and your kids will surely love the taste of them! 

Foil Baked Nachos

Another recipe that we love is the Foil Pack Baked Nachos by Natasha's Kitchen. These nachos would be a stunner in any picnic, whether you have kids, teenagers, or grown ups in the mix.  

Egg Salad Three Ways

You probably know how to make an egg salad, but did you know you can use the classic egg salad recipe in three different ways? With only hard-boiled eggs, seasoning, and some creamy dressing, you can make...

  • An egg salad sandwich – Simply spread between 2 bread slices, in a croissant, or stuff the salad in a wrap or pita.
  • A lettuce wrap – A healthy & refreshing way to enjoy egg salads is placing them in lettuce or Romaine to enjoy as lettuce wraps!
  • A breakfast sandwich – After the picnic, they can also be great to serve on toast the next day for a go-to breakfast sandwich. 


Ready to make the most out of your summer picnics? We hope these tips and ideas can help you and your loved ones have the most amazing time.

Don't forget that you'll find plenty of picnic must-haves available on our website! Find all you need in one place and start summer prepared. Have fun!



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