Winter Camping: 5 Things to Help You Stay Warm

Oh, the weather outside is frightful! But with school holidays and vacation dates fast approaching, there's no reason to ditch your fun winter adventure.

Whether it's a family camping trip, a hike with friends to a national park, or just finding your way to get to work in the morning, we all need new ways to stay warm. That's why we're giving you our best tips and recommendations, taken from our vast outdoor collection here at Matchbox.

Here are our top winter must-haves to help you stay warm, wherever you are.


Best Thermos Water Bottle for Winter Camping | Matchbox

Pictured: Thermos Stainless King Vacuum Insulated Flask (AU$34.95)

1. Insulated Drink Bottles

Carrying hot water when you're out in the cold is going to be vital for keeping your body temperature warm, not to mention staying hydrated in this dry, cold air.

So you boil that water in the kettle first thing in the morning before you head out the door, you leave the house, and it's room temperature within the next hour. Sound familiar? This might be because your flask isn't well insulated.

Choosing the right, reliable drink bottle is extra important. A cheap, plastic bottle is not going to keep your drink warm, which risks making you even colder.

This is why our collection of insulated flasks and water bottles appeal to many outdoor enthusiasts. Each year, we curate quality products that offer double-wall to triple-wall vacuum insulation, from only the best brands in the business: Thermos, Contigo, Oasis and more.

An insulated water bottle makes sure your drink doesn't cool down when you need it to keep warm. Not only that, they keep your water from freezing when winter hiking! In more extreme conditions, a hot water bottle can be a lifesaver. We recommend choosing a wide mouth flask with an easy access, so you can open and close it even with gloved hands.

Stainless King Vacuum Insulated Flask 2L - Red | Thermos | Matchbox
Pictured: Thermos Stainless King Vacuum Insulated 2L (AU$74.95)

The Thermos Stainless King range is a great solution to this. If you're packing water to share with the whole family or a group of people, their large capacity flasks are ideal. Their BPA free stainless steel construction also makes it suitable to carry hot water around with you wherever you go, while keeping it hot for hours.


Hydro Flask Insulated Food Jars for Winter Camping | Matchbox

Pictured: Hydro Flask Food Jars (AU$49.95 – AU$59.95)

2. Insulated Food Jars

Nothing says winter warmers like a warm bowl of soup, right? Well, the best way to carry your hearty meals such as soups, pasta, or stews on your journey is with a safe, compact container.

To help you feel warmer, you'll need a set of go-to insulated food jars that can keep your meals hot or cold in any weather. This is suitable for whether you're packing your own lunch, or for the kids in case they get hungry.

Many food jars are super cute to look at, but there are some things to consider when purchasing one. First, make sure the food won't leak! Make sure your new food flask is leak-proof so you can pop it into a bag and never worry again.

Thermos Funtainer Food Jars for Winter | MatchboxPictured: Thermos 290ml FUNtainer Vacuum Insulated Food Jar Flower (AU$19.95)

We love the fun designs of the Funtainer Thermos range as much as any child would. But Thermos Funtainer food jars are the best Thermos for kids not only for their pretty patterns.

Colours and sizes vary in the range, but every Funtainer is built to be child-friendly. Each one is a perfect size to fit into a lunch bag and for a child to grip. They are packed with a spill-proof lid, and each has a non-slip base just in case meal time gets a little too playful.

Every parent knows this: If you want to purchase something for the kids, it's fair to say it has to be able to take a beating. When choosing food jars, we always vouch for stainless steel options where possible as they're more durable, harder to break, and are more likely to be vacuum-insulated.

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Yumbox Bento Lunch Box for Winter Camping | Matchbox

Pictured: Yumbox Santa Fe Presto Stainless Steel Bento Box (AU$69.95)

3. Lunch Boxes

An alternative to the classic food jar is packing an insulated bento lunch box. Bento boxes are more suitable for nibbles, snacks, toasties, among other things. 

It's important to make sure you (and the kids!) stay well fed so you can stay warm in cold weather. You might be surprised at how colder you feel when trodding on an empty stomach. Not to mention — parent to parent! — if your trip involves especially long drives, snacks can work wonders to keep the kids' crankiness at bay.

In the car, in the playground, or on the trail, you'd want a lunch box that's slim enough to pack, with a reliable lock lid to keep its contents safe. It helps that bento style lunch boxes have individual compartments too, so you can keep wet foods away from the dry.

Remy Lavender Presto Stainless Steel Bento Box | Yumbox | MatchboxPictured: Yumbox Remy Lavender Presto Stainless Steel Bento Box (AU$69.95)

Yumbox is a well-loved brand for many reasons, one of it being that they are lightweight and compact for children of any age. The durable stainless steel means it won't break or crack (we don't need any of that on a fun camping trip) plus it can handle warm home-cooked foods you want to pack on-the-go. On top of all that, Yumbox lunch boxes feature a locking silicone seal lid to seal everything in.

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Best Picnic Basket for Winter Camping | Matchbox
Pictured: Sachi 4 Person Insulated Picnic Basket Banksia (AU$79.95)

4. Insulated Picnic Baskets

If you think picnic baskets are only for those summer day picnics, you might be missing out! Insulated lunch bags and baskets are going to help you tremendously on cold days too, so you can pack everyone's flasks, food jars and more in one place.

There's nothing quite like the dreadful feeling of forgetting something after you've travelled all the way. So it's always better to stay organised, especially if you're going to a camp site miles away from the nearest shop.

A few things to consider: First, you'd want a picnic bag that can handle a little wear and tear without harming its appearance. A polyester exterior would be ideal, as the material can withstand any weather. 

Second, an extra layer of insulation is a must! Not only are they strong on the outside, but you'd want a picnic basket with a heavy duty insulated lining on the inside. That means you can use this picnic basket all year round to pack warm foods for the winter, or cool drinks for the summer. Our Sachi picnic baskets (pictured above) scores both outside and inside durability.

4 Person Insulated Cooler Picnic Basket - Boho | Avanti | MatchboxPictured: Avanti 4 Person Insulated Cooler Picnic Basket - Boho (AU$49.95)

Another range that packs a punch is our Avanti picnic baskets, which also come in a variety of patterns you can choose from. They help keep your belongings the practical way, and are large enough to carry food for up to 4 people, including extra cutlery and wine glass sets! 


Stainless Steel Tumblers: Best Thermos for Winter Camping | Matchbox
Pictured: Thermos Stainless King Vacuum Insulated Tumbler 470ml Red (AU$39.95)

5. Thermos Flasks

You know that moment when you're out feeling cold and you take a sip of your warm, fresh coffee in your hand, and all is right in the world? We know, we love the feeling too.

To pack your favourite coffee or tea on-the-go, we can't recommend enough the Thermos flasks which are designed to help you feel warm in cold or higher altitude areas. They're suitable for camping — in case you need enough coffee for your whole group of friends — but even if you just want a generous size flask to bring on your own, Thermos has you covered.

Hot tip? (No pun intended.) It will help to keep your drinks hot if you press it near your body, or continue holding it, while you are outdoors. Your body heat helps keep the insulation to trap the warmth of your coffee even more, and this applies to larger drink bottles too.

200ml THERMOcafé™ Vacuum Insulated Travel Cup - Dark Blue | Thermos | MatchboxPictured: Thermos 200ml THERMOcafé™ Vacuum Insulated Travel Cup - Dark Blue (AU$19.95)

Most reusable coffee cups or travel mugs are so much better at keeping coffee warm than single-use paper cups. The THERMOcafé collection is one of the best Thermos for winter — you can purchase one for work, school, or when you're out in the wilderness.

They're also a great companion for road trips, designed with that classic tapered shape to fit into most car cup holders. Plus, the rubber non-slip grip helps prevent heat loss so your coffee stays warm, and you're likely to spill it on the way!




All set for your winter plans? Explore our wide outdoor collection at Matchbox to keep your family, friends, or yourself nourished and warm this winter.

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