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Feeling the cold? It can be challenging to get out of bed when cooler weather strikes, and even more of a challenge to whip up a tasty lunch for your kids once they're back to school!

We can't heat leftovers forever — but don't stress! Our lunch ideas for school are to the rescue. When it's winter time, you probably want to pack lunch with something a tad warmer than your go-to sushi rolls or egg salad sandwich. That's why our Winter School Lunch Guide is here to help you out.

Guide to Winter School Lunches

  1. Tip number 1? Make sure everything you're packing is well-insulated! An insulated lunch bag is vital to keep all your loved ones' foods warm. We have heaps of kids lunch bags available, but why not try the Thermos Soft Lunch Kits with their Isotec Insulation technology?
  2. You also need to make sure your food pods are leak-proof, like our kid friendly Oasis food pods, so that you can pack your saucy pastas and soups with no worry.
  3. The top tip for keeping the kids' lunches hot? Pour boiling water into your Thermos or insulated food jar, let it sit for 10 minutes, heat up your food, and then pour out the water and transfer your food into the jar! Remember to transfer the food while it's hot (almost hot to touch!). This is the ultimate Mum-approved trick to making sure your foods stay hot for longer in the day.
  4. This goes without saying, but remember to keep your hands clean (not touching phones or hair) and use only clean lunch boxes or snack bags that have been washed when prepping school lunches for kids! Avoid reusing without washing even for dry snack containers, to avoid bacteria or food poisoning.

 Warm School Lunch Ideas for Winter | Matchbox

7 Hot School Lunch Ideas

  • Fresh & creamy tomato soup
    Nothing says "comfort food" like a creamy warm soup. And you can never go wrong with tomato soup. Pack it in your trusted leak-proof food jar, chop up a grilled cheese sandwich, pack the sandwich cubes in a lunch box and you're good to go! Find the recipe here.
  • Creamy sweet potato soup
    So many kids love the taste of sweet potato so we guarantee this soup can be one of your go-to's! Add some bacon bits or coconut milk to top it off perfectly. Find the recipe here.
  • Vegetable fried rice
    In less than 15 minutes, you can prepare this healthy and warm veggie fried rice that your loved ones will have no trouble devouring. Add boiled eggs to the side and you have a perfectly plated meal in their bento box! Packed with nutrients and easy to pack, find out how to make this quick and easy recipe!
  • Spaghetti and meatballs
    If you were all about pasta salads and mac and cheese for summer, then warm saucy spaghetti is certainly your winter vice. We all know how easy a spaghetti bolognese is — and they're a great option to pack in the kids lunchbox for how effortless they are (and who doesn't love spaghetti and meatballs!?) Find our recipe here.
  • Chicken noodle soup
    The beauty of insulated food jars is that you can let your kids safely carry soups of any consistency. An easy chicken noodle soup is so versatile and perfect to pair with crackers, quesadillas, rice, or even some cheesy roll bites.



Warm School Lunch Ideas for Winter | Matchbox

  • Warm Sweet Oatmeal
    Treat your kids to something special by packing their favourite breakfasts with their school lunch! A sweet oatmeal is sure to put an extra pep to their day. It's also an easy and nutritious option to keep them full of energy for the rest of their school day. You can pair their oatmeal with diced apple and nuts, or top it with peanut butter, honey, maple syrup, berries, and more. There are endless ways to go about it!
  • Cheesy veggie-ball subs
    Kids love a good sandwich, that's for sure. Now, you can make a warm, cheesy goodness and here's the twist: It's packed with veggies! Our cheese veggie-ball sub recipe is an absolute must-try. Perfect for either dinner or work & school lunches, this is one your entire family will adore. Check it out here.



So, time to pull the kids' jackets and scarves out, grab their lunch bag, and send them back to school with these hearty winter school lunch ideas.

Shop all you need for school this winter such as insulated bottles, food jars, lunch boxes, lunch bags and more in our wide range of back to school essentials. We stock Thermos, Oasis, Bentgo, Yumbox and more!

What is your go-to lunch box meal for winter?


Stay warm!

With love,

The Matchbox Team




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