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Who doesn't love this time of year? When the Christmas tunes are playing, gifts are filling in the windows, and when the family & friends are planning a lunch or dinner get-together...

Food is the real excitement, of course. Those of us in Australia know that it's the season of pavlovas, tasty barbecues, great beer, or some juicy meat and mashed potato combos made by the best chefs in the family.

Now, if that person is you, and you're looking for some fresh inspiration for your holiday dishes, then you've come to the right place. No matter what the entertaining or dining occasion you have planned, here are our top 7 sweet and savoury Christmas food ideas to get you started!

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Our Top 7 Christmas Food Ideas

Chicken & Brie Tarts | Our Top 7 Christmas Food Ideas | Matchbox

1. Chicken Cranberry & Brie Tarts

Looking for nibbles to keep the guests occupied before the main meal? Our Christmassy chicken & brie tarts are made of only 6 ingredients which include smoked chicken breast, tasty brie and puff pastry. All that combined (with a bit of cranberry sauce on top) makes this the perfect holiday-themed finger food. Sp start your Christmas weekend prepping this easy chicken & brie tarts recipe.


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Glazed Ham Recipe | Our 7 Favourite Christmas Recipes | Matchbox

2. Honey Glazed Ham 

If you love Christmas cooking, you can go to town with this delicious honey glazed baked ham recipe. This is perfect to pair with a side dish of your choice such as baby carrots, spring vegetables, or mashed potatoes. The baked ham recipe only takes no more than 3 hours to prepare and cook (and we guarantee it's so, so worth it.) Try the famous holiday ham recipe here.


Paprika Steak with Sides | Our 7 Favourite Christmas Recipes | Matchbox

3. Perfectly Cooked Paprika Steaks

Nothing says Australian Christmas like holding a barbecue. This year, you can spice things up with our paprika beef steak recipe, which coats an oregano, parsley, chili, vinegar, oil & garlic mixture over your juicy pink meat strips. Truly heavenly.

Like the Christmas ham, it can be paired with your favourite sides from roasted carrots, sweet potato chips, or even scalloped potatoes if you're feeling fancy. The simplicity of this recipe which goes with anything makes it such an easy Christmas crowd pleaser. Recipe here!


Potato Salad | Our 7 Favourite Christmas Recipes | Matchbox

4. Fresh Potato Salad

Okay, we're talking about a potato salad that doesn't look store-bought. It's fresh, crisp, and you can toss it with any combination of extra toppings you'd like: Bacon, chorizo, eggs, halloumi, pickled cucumber? This scrumptious salad is great to go alongside your roast turkey, ham, or steaks especially on a hot summer's day. Try this versatile salad recipe for your next Christmas lunch.



Christmas Pudding | Our 7 Favourite Christmas Recipes | Matchbox

5. Christmas Pudding with Brandy Sauce

If you're looking to celebrate the traditional way, there is no better place to start than a classic Christmas pudding. Soaked in brandy, this decadent pudding tastes perfect when served with vanilla ice cream too. With our wide range of pudding bowls & basins, you can also rest assured you won't run out of options for sizes, depending on your Christmas party size.

Check out our Christmas pudding recipe to see how you can make it in advance and reheat on Christmas Day!


Perfect Pavlova | Our Top 7 Christmas Food Ideas | Matchbox

6. Perfect Pavlova with Rasberry Coulis

Another Aussie Christmas essential? The traditional pavlova! Every Christmas, baked pavlovas become all the rage and we honestly can't complain.

This Christmas pavlova recipe combines those layers of whipped cream with oodles of raspberry coulis to make a sweet, berry-themed holiday dessert that will awe everyone at the table. It's perfect to bring out at the end of your Christmas dinner or lunch.


Christmas Cookies | Our 7 Favourite Christmas Recipes | Matchbox

7. Christmas Cookies

Speaking of heavenly icing, last but not least of course is our butter Christmas cookies! Our recipe for Christmas cookies combines basic cookie dough with royal icing – and we have plenty of Wilton icing to go around online and in stores. You (or the kids!) can then style it however way you want so long as you have the piping bags ready for a fun children Christmas activity. 

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Bonus: Team Member Favourite! 

Sue's Lemon Tart | Our 7 Favourite Christmas Food Recipes | Matchbox

Sue's Sweet Lemon Tart

This easy lemon tart recipe is a go-to for our lovely Matchbox Team Member, Sue! "Very yummy. I make it from scratch, and make my own pastry. Usually I have the TV on with Carols by Candlelight on in the background if I'm making it for Christmas."

Sounds heavenly enough? Check out Sue's recipe on The Matchbox Blog!



Feel inspired to take on this year's Christmas entertaining? Be prepared with our wide range of Christmas tableware to showcase your dishes. From serving platters, cake stands, glassware and more, we're welcoming in tons of new holiday themed collections to ring in the festive season.


Stay tuned for more inspiration! Happy cooking.

The Matchbox Team


One of my Christmas guests is a vegetarian - what should I serve?

No stress! There are actually plenty of delicious & easy vegetarian friendly options for you to try. Find them all in our article, 7 Vegetarian Friendly Party Food Ideas.

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